Friday, January 25, 2008

Son of a ...

Someone needs to clue Ami in to what PETA REALLY does. I'm pretty sure he would be appalled. Especially being an american bulldog owner himself. His partner Chris also owns a pit bull. Spread the word!! The TRUTH about PETA:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ooooohhhhh Aaahhhhhh

The booklover in me just went ballistic when I found this pic.

Many more can be found here: The site also has lots of pics of famous people with tats as well. Happy browsing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's up with that?

Check out this firefighter tattoo website that is incredible. It has everything you can imagine sorted into seperate categories. Set some time aside for browsing. You'll need it.

Unfortunatly I did not find anything remotely similar for Law Enforcement. Just a few here and there. This one above was under "patriotic" on a regular gallery. I know there are plenty of cops getting work related tattoos. I've even seen a few of them. So I ask, what's up with that? (Are you really going to let the firefighters show you up?) Someone, build a police site so I can link it!!!!! (and browse of course)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Surfing for tattoos

Check out the awesome tattoo blog I ran across. It will keep you busy for a few hours for sure. (It did me.)

Not that I need any more ideas. My list so far for the possible future includes:

Star constellations added above The Lion King tat. (to represent the family and my love for stargazing)

Re-coloring and re-doing my heart wings. (a tat facelift so to speak)

The USMC blood stripe with the words Semper Fidelis (in red) down my right leg.

Something with Aslan. (Combines my thing for God with a beautiful animal.)

I am toying with a Disney themed dog tat on a leg. Trying to work out the details in my head. It would take multiple sessions as I have it in my head thus far.

Joan of Arc. (Mixes faith with armor and strong women)

A celtic tat, either a Pat fish design or something in gaelic.

I would love to have a half sleeve on one arm. Something beautiful, colorful and timeless. Perhaps a repro of some artwork I admire.

I also have a weird scar on my collarbone from a surgery that I would love to either get covered or get something opposite of to distract from it. (busted during judo-needed a plate to put humpty dumpty back together)

Hubby isn't nearly as jazzed about all my tat ideas. Especially the half sleeve. He prefers tats on women only be in specific places. Or should I say HIS woman. No arms, necks, or breast work. That only leaves my legs, and back as most of my remaining canvas. Considering the time they take, the pain they cause during the process, and the costs involved, I would say he is safe from me running out to get a full body job anytime soon. Good thing though. (Though if I looked like this

I'm sure he wouldn't give a crap.) VBG

Another fab find

Here is another site that is worthwile the time.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I love Aslan

I admit I have a thing for Aslan. It started when I was a kid and saw the cartoon version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. (recently purchased off ebay) Then I grew up and understood the references to him being a version of Christ. Being Christian myself I liked the link. (Not one of those holier than thou Christians, sorry about them.) I even found this beautiful pic online of some original artwork by Ryan McGrath of Aslan I think would make a great tattoo. It was an entry for a poster contest for the newer movie, which I also love.

Check out this link about another Aslan fan and tattoo:

Stupid camera

Not being the brightest bulb in the box last night, it didn't occur to me to snap a recent pic of my tattoo at the same time I took one of my sister's. This morning I realized my error and tried to get a good shot of it. It turns out that my camera really is crap when it comes to close ups of this size. I have no focus control. I swear it isn't as blurry as the photo shows. If it were I would be seriously PO'd at the tattooist.

I also learned that it is also not easy trying to get a pic of your own ankle. I have it on the inside of my left leg so I can see it easily myself. I will try to get someone with a real camera to snap me some decent pics in the future.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Those tattoo shows

Wow I just started this and I already have another photo to share. I ran into my sister at a family event and grabbed a quick shot of her tat.

Yes it is in the classic "tramp stamp" area of the lower back. (Hey I didn't give it the name so don't get mad at me.) It is a pretty large celtic tree of life. I went with her to get it a couple of years ago.

I also wanted to add a comment about the popular tattoo shows on TLC. (Miami Ink, LA Ink, London Ink) I have read online that some of them are set up and not actual tattoo shops. Lots of drama for TV's sake added, etc. Whatever. I am going on the record and saying "I don't give a rat's patootie if they are real or not. I watch them, and enjoy them, for the tattoo's they show." I hope that clarifies that. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


I just love tattoos. So I thought I would start a blog just about tattoos that I love. Mine and others that I find online or see in the flesh. I am by no means a tattoo expert. Just a fan of the art form. Here is my first. Technically my second. I got it back in 92 and it is a cover up of a smaller heart. I love the heart but the wings need improving. The left one looks one dimensional. I am hoping to get the colors re-done soon too. It was done at a place in Hampton Beach New Hampshire called Tattoo America. It represented freedom from a bad relationship.
This is my most recent one. (a bad pic, sorry) I need to get a recent healed pic of it to share. (geez I am pasty white!) I also went back and had a few more lines added to the mane. This is the inspiration it came from.
It is a family tattoo for me as a Lion King theme has special meaning for us. I am planning on adding some star constellations to it above his head to represent the kids and hubby too. I just haven't decided what color to get them done in.
Anyhow, welcome to the blog. I will be adding to it as I go along. Now I need to go be mom and cook supper. Not my strong suit. Wish me luck.