Thursday, January 10, 2008


I just love tattoos. So I thought I would start a blog just about tattoos that I love. Mine and others that I find online or see in the flesh. I am by no means a tattoo expert. Just a fan of the art form. Here is my first. Technically my second. I got it back in 92 and it is a cover up of a smaller heart. I love the heart but the wings need improving. The left one looks one dimensional. I am hoping to get the colors re-done soon too. It was done at a place in Hampton Beach New Hampshire called Tattoo America. It represented freedom from a bad relationship.
This is my most recent one. (a bad pic, sorry) I need to get a recent healed pic of it to share. (geez I am pasty white!) I also went back and had a few more lines added to the mane. This is the inspiration it came from.
It is a family tattoo for me as a Lion King theme has special meaning for us. I am planning on adding some star constellations to it above his head to represent the kids and hubby too. I just haven't decided what color to get them done in.
Anyhow, welcome to the blog. I will be adding to it as I go along. Now I need to go be mom and cook supper. Not my strong suit. Wish me luck.

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