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Old English Lettering Tattoos

Old English Lettering Tattoos
Tattoos made with words or phrases rank among the most favored styles of modern tattooing. It could be a name, a quote, or an adage, and the Old English Lettering style adds mystery, panache, and artistic sophistication to tattoos inspired by that theme.

The font commonly known as Old English is more accurately termed blackletter, a 12th century European script which dominated western Europe up till the 17th century. Blackletter is also known as Gothic Script.

A very popular form of Old English Lettering tattoos involves the use of the calligraphic textualis font. This striking font tends to represent most people's conceptualization of Old English lettering, and was very dominant in its hand-written glory throughout the European Middle Ages.

Inscriptions in this lettering style are displayed today in places as diverse as churches, museums, and libraries. As tattoos on human bodies, they make a bold and trendy statement. The next step, once you've decided to get an Old English lettering tattoo, is to think carefully about what it will say - you want to make sure you get this right, since this is a long-term commitment.

You will also decide on the size of the tattoo. Bear in mind that because of the ornate lettering style, tattoo artists will need to make the letters slightly larger in size than most other forms of lettering, to capture intricate details of the fonts.

Hot Tattoo Lettering Designs and Ideas For Cool Word Tattoo Designs

Hot Tattoo Lettering Designs and Ideas For Cool Word Tattoo Designs
You see written words have been a part of tattoos for a long time. However, it wasn't until recently that the words became the tattoo itself. It used to be that the words were used to embellish and enhance the tattoo design. For example an anchor tattoo might have the words "home sweet home" written under it. Another example might be the classic heart tattoo with the letters mom written under it. You get the idea here lettering used to be an extra piece to add on. However, these days tattoo lettering and literary tattoos have taken the main stage and they are no longer part of the embellishment but they are part of the tattoo itself.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moon Tattoos

The phases of the moon are said to have a large effect on the Earth. The moon governs the tides and is said to have an impact on people’s emotions. It also illuminates the night and guides lost travelers. Finally, the simplicity and beauty of the moon makes it an exquisite sight to behold. For all of these reasons, moon tattoos have become a significant, yet unique image for tattoo and astronomy enthusiasts alike.One of the great things about moon tattoos is their protean nature. You not only have many options in the design itself, but the phase in which you would like to represent. Perhaps you would like a large, full moon; or maybe a small crescent. You can use a partially shadowed moon, or a dark new moon.

moon  tattoosAs for designs, the possibilities are practically endless. What type of moon would you prefer? A more stoic image, like the Aztec moon; or something more cartoonish, like a half moon with a large grin and protruding nose?

Armband tattoos are a great option, each portion can depict the different phase in the moon cycle. You can also show the image of the moon in motion with stars trailing behind it.

A lot of people also like to use the image of the moon and sun in an intimate embrace. You can also use many fantasy figures such as fairies, dragons or one of the many moon goddesses (such as Diana, Mawu of Selene).

There are also many vintage and Victorian images that can be used for moon tattoos. Many of these feature a broad, round, content face. But there are several that feature cherubic angels and sweet young women lounging along the length of a crescent moon.

There are many moon tattoos to choose from, and a lot of room to get creative. Be sure that whatever you decide, it is something that will always has significance for you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool Cross Tattoo Designs - Choosing Tattoo Designs For Girls

Cool Cross Tattoo Designs - Choosing Tattoo Designs For Girls

Cool cross tattoo designs are also a big favorite among girls and women who are interested to get ink done. But upon making your decision on which tattoo design to go for, there are still a couple of decisions that you got to make. First, which part of the body you would have the tattoo done and how big would the tattoo be?

With regards to placement, there are some considerations that you need to make when choosing where you would want the tattoo done. First, what is the shape of the tattoo design? Is the design triangular? Oval? Circular? Keep in mind that a horizontal tattoo design would make any part of your body that it is tattooed on appear wider. A vertical tattoo design on the other hand will make the part of the body it is tattooed on appear longer. Do you like the tattoo to be seen in public? Or would you rather keep it hidden? Would you still want to be able to wear a sexy backless dress at an office function perhaps and still be able to conceal your tattoo?

When you are inside a tattoo shop, the tattoo artist will be able to give you tips on where you can have tattoos made as well as help you choose among different flash; from cool cross tattoo designs to cute as well as discreet and dainty butterfly body art. Regardless of the design and the location of the tattoo on your body, the tattoo artist would be happy to stencil a specific design that you have already chosen.

A tattoo, ideally, must be recognizable by someone who is standing a few feet away from it. Usually tattoo artists would prefer doing a bigger tattoo rather than a small one. Bigger tattoos would give the tattoo artist more room for shading, and is actually far easier to outline and add in details. And people who get tattoos find that it is more fulfilling to get one very recognizable and striking tattoo rather than three small scattered ones.

Small Tattoo Designs For Girls - Finding The Perfect Tattoo

Small Tattoo Designs For Girls - Finding The Perfect Tattoo

If you are interested in small tattoo designs for girls, you'll find that there are a few things that you need to think about when it comes to getting the perfect design. A tattoo can be a very personal statement about yourself, and to find the perfect design, think about your own style.

Are you someone who does well with fiery colors like red and gold, or do you prefer more dreamy tones like blues and purples? Take a moment to think about what you want, and you'll be better equipped to find out about small tattoo designs for girls.

Small tattoo designs for girls can actually run the gamut when it comes to style or subject matter. For instance, one type of tattoo that is fairly popular for girls and women is the butterfly designs.

Butterflies are small and delicate... and according to certain theories, can flap their wings and cause hurricanes! Think about what message you are sending when you are looking at a butterfly design. Do you want something small and sweet, or are you interested in something with a vibrant amount of color?

You'll also find that small tattoo designs for girls can also be quite tribal and plain in nature, and if that suits you better, you should go for it. For instance, you would think that a girl who has a small snake tattooed on her ankle as being different from one who chose to put a butterfly there, even if they were the same size. If you have a bold and direct personality, think about what you can accomplish just by using things like bold black artwork.

Finding small tattoo designs for girls or at least, finding the small design that is perfect for you might take some time. Remember that the smaller a design is, the more simple it should be.

The Best Tattoos For Girls

The Best Tattoos For Girls

Some of the best tattoos for girls are the ones that are all about trends. From Japanese prints to Betty Boop and barbed-wire armbands, the motives for girl's tattoos are as varied as the girls themselves. The most popular tattoos for girls are the ones that say something about the respective female and that will have the most thought and the feeling behind each and every one.

Many people ask their tattoo designer or friends that know tattoo designers what some of the best designer tattoos for girls these days are. The answer might be surprising to both friend and the overall grouping of the gender of female.

The art of tattoos has really taken off in the past few years. From a male-dominated activity in which sailors, servicemen and motorcycle gangs had their mother's name on their shoulders, to the college freshmen girls that have a butterfly on their ankle, tattoos have come along way.

Lower Back Tattoos - Favoured Tattoo Designs For Girls

Lower Back Tattoos - Favoured Tattoo Designs For Girls

Over recent decades, the most creative tattoo designs for women seem to revolve around the lower back tattoo, despite receiving some nasty labels like "Tramp Stamp", "Bullseye Tattoo" and "Alley Tag"... In this article I'll detail some of the reasons why it remains one of the favoured body parts to tattoo, for women of all ages -- and for the men who also enjoy the view!

In order to design a tattoo that looks as good on your skin as it does on paper, it is necessary to think about WHERE the image will be placed. Your own muscle tone and structure will affect the look of the finished art, especially on arms or legs, so it is wise to seek expert advice from your tattooist regarding final drawings and perhaps modifications, before setting your heart on a design that may not work well in the area you had planned to get inked.

As I was researching my own tat ideas, I kept returning to the lower back tattoo designs for women that I'd seen. Most girls and guys would agree that even though there has been a "tramp" stereotyping of tattooed women in general, there is still something sexy and alluring about a nice female lower back tat! I also thought about how well-balanced any tattoo artwork looks when placed on a central part of the body/torso, front or back. Unlike the belly however, there are fewer bodily changes noticed on the back. This is great news for the ladies, as our bodies can go through so many physical upheavals during the course of our lives, with impending stretch marks and potential middle-age-spread less likely to damage the appearance of a design located on our back!

Another popular reason for getting tattoos on the lower back is that there may actually be less pain involved in the tattoo procedure. I had been concerned about how painful it might be, since it was my first tattoo and I have extremely sensitive skin and nerves, but I have to say it was a very mild experience! Rather than getting tattooed on a really boney or sensitive part of the body, (like the ribs, foot, ankle, underneath the upper arm, collarbones, etc) I found there is generally enough of a fleshy cover over the lower spine to diminish the pain down to a deep, yet dull, scratching sensation.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls - Great Styles and What to Look For in a Design

Wrist Tattoos For Girls - Great Styles and What to Look For in a Design

You should always come up with your own decisions when choosing wrist tattoos for girls. While people can give input, you should never get something just because it's a fad or trendy. I can't tell you how many people I've met that regret doing it, because fads come and go. With that said, here are wonderful style choices for wrists tattoos for girls and what to look for in the designs you see.

The most common designs would be stars, tribals, flowers, Chinese and Kanji. These are all timeless designs and you can't go wrong with any of them. You need to be aware, though, because artwork websites know how popular these designs are, so they will usually pack their pages with tons of generic stuff, while only includes a few good, original wrist tattoos for girls. You know something is generic if you see the same type of image on multiple websites, because a lot of places will just take artwork from each other.

The other thing you need to watch out for is the shading and the color of the design you end up liking. You need to know that most artwork will look completely different on your skin than it does on paper, especially if there is a lot of shading or color. Before getting any wrist tattoos for girls inked with these traits, speak to a few artists about how different they will look. You can then make any alterations you need, to ensure that you're getting a wonderful piece. This also ensures that you'll have a fully original tattoo, because you're having it redrawn, so nobody will ever have that tattoo.

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Dragonfly & Kanji Tattoo Design

Tattoo Design1

Japanese Tattoo Design4

Angel Tattoo Designs

Flower Tattoo Design

Color Tattoo Styles

Sexy Back Tattoos For Women Only

Sexy Lower Back Tattoos For Girls

Sexy Back Tattoos For Women

Girl Flower Tattoo

Sorry, I've been getting well behind with posts, I'll make a concerted effort to catch up with reader submissions asap. However, the oldest unposted submission is one of the best, sent in by Dan of his fiance Amorrina's day of the dead owl tattoo done Ace at Chill Mode in San Jose,

owl nigh tattoo