Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lower Back Tattoos - Favoured Tattoo Designs For Girls

Lower Back Tattoos - Favoured Tattoo Designs For Girls

Over recent decades, the most creative tattoo designs for women seem to revolve around the lower back tattoo, despite receiving some nasty labels like "Tramp Stamp", "Bullseye Tattoo" and "Alley Tag"... In this article I'll detail some of the reasons why it remains one of the favoured body parts to tattoo, for women of all ages -- and for the men who also enjoy the view!

In order to design a tattoo that looks as good on your skin as it does on paper, it is necessary to think about WHERE the image will be placed. Your own muscle tone and structure will affect the look of the finished art, especially on arms or legs, so it is wise to seek expert advice from your tattooist regarding final drawings and perhaps modifications, before setting your heart on a design that may not work well in the area you had planned to get inked.

As I was researching my own tat ideas, I kept returning to the lower back tattoo designs for women that I'd seen. Most girls and guys would agree that even though there has been a "tramp" stereotyping of tattooed women in general, there is still something sexy and alluring about a nice female lower back tat! I also thought about how well-balanced any tattoo artwork looks when placed on a central part of the body/torso, front or back. Unlike the belly however, there are fewer bodily changes noticed on the back. This is great news for the ladies, as our bodies can go through so many physical upheavals during the course of our lives, with impending stretch marks and potential middle-age-spread less likely to damage the appearance of a design located on our back!

Another popular reason for getting tattoos on the lower back is that there may actually be less pain involved in the tattoo procedure. I had been concerned about how painful it might be, since it was my first tattoo and I have extremely sensitive skin and nerves, but I have to say it was a very mild experience! Rather than getting tattooed on a really boney or sensitive part of the body, (like the ribs, foot, ankle, underneath the upper arm, collarbones, etc) I found there is generally enough of a fleshy cover over the lower spine to diminish the pain down to a deep, yet dull, scratching sensation.

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